Installing Vim on Crunchbang

Crunchbang (also refered to as simply #!) is a minimal Debian distribution that I’ve fallen in love with. I switch from OSX to Crunchbang every now and then, since I plan #! to be my primary OS when my MacBook Air dies. Crunchbang comes with Vi installed. This is how to install Vim, which will also install the vim command line tool.

If you go to the Vim downloads page and search for Unix builds, you’ll be directed to this page. However, I got to some errors following this guide, due to missing dependencies. Basically, what I had to do, was installing those dependencies first:

Unless you chose to install the development tools when you first installed #!, you might need to add mercurial to the previous command.

Now you can follow with the instructions in, that I post here too for reference:

Now, next time a Vim version is released, you can just go and fetch the changes, and build it again:

December 29, 2014