Installing Vim on Crunchbang

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Crunchbang (also refered to as simply #!) is a minimal Debian distribution that I’ve fallen in love with. I switch from OSX to Crunchbang every now and then, since I plan #! to be my primary OS when my MacBook Air dies. Crunchbang comes with Vi installed. This is how to install Vim, which will […]


Accessing instance variables in Ruby

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Classes may have instance variables that are not explicitly in the public interface – this is, they don’t have a corresponding reader method. These variables can still be accessed with instance_variable_get, a method of Object class. Consider the following example:

  If we make an instance of Example and call #name, we’ll get a […]


Hello, Vim

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For the last couple of months I have been getting rid of a lot of stuff in my life; things that I don’t actually need and that just take space and effort to move around. Books, too much clothing, useless objects, etc. Software is part of this.


Vull fer Open Source, i encara no sé com (II)

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Just ahir deia que voldria treballar en projectes Open Source, propis o aliens, però que encara no sé com. L’afirmació té part d’ironia, perquè saber-ne, en sé i, és més, ho faig. Però per algun(s) motiu(s) que no acabo de tenir clar(s), aquestes aportacions no sempre m’acaben d’omplir.


Vull fer Open Source, i encara no sé com

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Treballar en projectes OS em permet programar d’una manera diferent a com acostumo a fer-ho al dia, a resoldre problemes diferents, i això és creatiu; treballar en projectes OS em fa partícip d’una manera de crear tecnologia que redefineix les relacions socials de propietat i que genera un espiral de cooperació i treball comú com segurament no ha exisit mai abans. El problema, però, és que encara no sé com fer-ho.


Adéu 2.0

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Fa dies que veig que Twitter és un lloc on vomito coses que generalment no diria perquè o bé són massa estúpides per a ser dites en públic, o bé no interessen a ningú més a que a mi i els meus, o bé perquè tan sols omplen el món de més soroll.


Testing with arrays, the useful way

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We’ve all seen this sometime when a test fails: Failed assertion, no message given. Now, I like using arrays in tests because they allow me to test a lot of cases with less code. A simple (and dummy) test could be:

However, when running this test, we will get the quite useless message above: […]


Q&A about Collection+JSON

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Note: The content in this post is not mine. It is just a collection of questions and answers from the Collection+JSON discussion group. I’ve been working with this hypermedia-type lately, and ran into many doubts. Reading through the disscussion group was time consuming, so I’ve gathered this as a future reference for myself and others. […]